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Datatone is a mobile app which provides fast and useful information which bring great convenience in everyday life. To provide fastest user experience, User can instantly check bus ETA in widget without launching app. All data are coming from Hong Kong open data.

8 main features:

  • Traffic ETA (Bus, Minibus, MTR, lightrail)
  • Viral in HK
  • Hong Kong Weather
  • Traffic Condition
  • Music in HK
  • Hong Kong Holiday Countdown + Calendar
  • Hong Kong Map
  • Statistics Chart

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Main Features


Bus & minibus ETA

Provides next ETA of bus, get off bus reminder and nearby routes and bus stops. Covers majority bus company in Hong Kong KMB, NWFB, CWB, MTR Bus, minibus, NLB.


MTR & light rail ETA

Provides next ETA of MTR including Tung Chung Line, East Rail Line, Tuen Ma Line, Tseung Kwan O Line, Airport Express Line and all lines of light rail


Multifunctional ETA

Exclusive features for subscribers! Provides next ETA of Bus, Minibus, MTR and Light rail in one widget, available for home screen and lock screen widget.


Viral in HK

Quickly know what's viral in HK with at most 20 popular keywords daily. Get to know into detail with google news, Instagram post and YouTube video.


Hong Kong Weather forecast

Provide weather report and forecast in Hong Kong


HK public holiday countdown

Who doesn't like day off? This function helps user to count down holiday daily and remind user holiday is incoming!


Widget customisation

You can customize all datatone widgets with your favourite color and images.


Traffic Condition

By displaying journey time indicator, speed map, traffic snapshot and black spot to driver, knowing the traffic condition in advance to plan routine wisely.


HK Map

You can find various type of public facilitates around you. For example, a nearby car park with vacancy information, a post office with opening hour displayed, public toilet, recycling bins and sport venue.


Statistics Chart

Provides charts to display various type of statistic data, including immigration stats of Hong Kong airport, the data of A&E department and the employment rate etc.

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