Release Note


Introducing "Music in HK"!

Enhanced "Bus & Minibus ETA":

  • The ring bell function works properly even if you leave the bus detail screen.


Enhanced "Holiday countdown":

  • Added a new widget style

Enhanced "Viral in HK":

  • You can filter news source now.
  • Current push notification will only notify you when a keyword reached 2k search count. You may also enable in setting to receive keyword with 1k search count.

Enhanced "Bus & Minibus arrival time":

  • Fixed an issue related to circular route

Release date: 14/1/2022


Added an easter egg

Fixed dark mode related issue

Enhanced "Bus & Minibus":

  • Support Medium & Large widget customization
  • Added 63 new minibus routes
  • Added opposite direction route switching button
  • Fixed an issue of missing recent search
  • Medium & Large widget will display in the order of your bus stop setting

Enhanced "Holiday Countdown":

  • Fixed some issues of statutory holiday in 2022.

Release date: 28/12/2021


Fixed Journey Time Indicator issue (open data source update)

Release date: 8/12/2021


Support Dark mode

Enhanced "Hong Kong Map":

  • Added recycle data
  • Enhanced busstop icon

Release date: 21/11/2021


Cancel Siri daily limit

Enhanced "HK holiday countdown":

  • Fix widget display issue in dark mode

Enhanced "Bus & Minibus arrival time":

  • Fixed some abnormal ETA in some routes

Release date: 10/11/2021


Support iOS15.1

Enhanced "HK Holiday countdown"

  • Support widget customization including adding customize holiday

Enhanced "Road condition":

  • Add more journey time indicator and traffic snapshots

Enhanced "Bus & Minibus ETA":

  • Fixed some abnormal ETA in some routes
  • Fixed Siri issue when reading route number

Fixed『Hong Kong Map』:

  • Fixed FEHD facility cannot display issue

Release date: 5/11/2021


Enhanced "Bus & Minibus ETA":

  • Added MTR Bus including Siri & widget customization
  • Fixed widget option page "Unable to Load" error
  • Optimise widget option page speed

Enhanced "Siri ETA":

  • Fixed the error if you haven't installed iOS shortcuts app
  • You may now configure how many ETAs Siri to be read at most

Release date: 9/10/2021


Fix medium/large bus / minibus widget cannot display all stops issue.

Fix font size in MTR widget

Release date: 4/10/2021


New App Icon released!

Siri shortcut released!

Support iOS 15! Now you can add Datatone widgets into iPad!

Medium / Large widget supports dynamic font. You may adjust font size in phone setting.

Enhanced "Bus & Minibus Arrival Time":

  • Added Siri support
  • Added get off alarm function
  • Added medium / large widget
  • Joint-route can merge special/busy route now.
  • Digit keyboard present when searching route.
  • Added 64 minibus routes

Enhanced "Viral in HK":

  • Added Push notification

Enhanced "MTR arrival time":

  • Added Siri support

Enhanced "Light rail arrival time":

  • Added Siri support
  • Fixed advertisement too large in small phone issue.

Enhanced "Road condition":

  • Fixed critical error - journey time indicator unable to refresh issue.
  • Fixed "Replace with speedmap" config not working issue

Enhanced "HK holiday countdown":

  • Fixed winter solstice date display issue

Release date: 3/10/2021


Added “Widget Customisation”

Added “Airport HK resident traffic”

Enhance "Bus/ Minibus":

  • Fixed the crash when pull to refresh

Enhance “Road condition”:

  • Re-added “Speed Map”! (Thanks for feedback from user!)
  • You can choose to replace journey time indicator with speed map panel.
  • The road condition widget will display according to the sequence of the options you chose now.
  • Enhance widget stability

Enhance “Bus & Minibus arrival time”:

  • Add refresh button inside the app.

Release date: 24/8/2021

v 2.2.2

Enhance "Light rail arrival time":

  • Added filter by destination in widget

Enhanced "Traffic condition"

  • Fixed widget issue

Enhance "Bus/ Minibus":

  • Fixed one route destinations display issue
  • Fixed ETA of minibus on map

Enhance "MTR arrival time"

  • Correct the font used in app
  • Improve widget stability
  • Fixed the app setting of showing seconds in ETA.
  • Fixed the app setting of showing blacksite in "Traffic condition".
  • Fixed the display issue when iPhone set display zoom.

Release date: 27/7/2021

v 2.2.1

Fixed the bug of "Subscription with ad free"

Release date: 21/7/2021

v 2.1.4

Added "Traffic Condition", replacing speed map

Special design for driver.

Through journey time indicator and traffic snapshot to view the traffic condition and cross-harbour tunnels travelling time.

Original speed map widget needs to be re-configured

Added "Subscription with ad free"

Enhance "Bus & Minibus Arrival Time":

  • Fix bus route update issue

Enhance "MTR arrival time" & "Light rail arrival time":

  • Support Pull to Refresh in the app.

Release date: 19/7/2021

v 2.1.3

Enhance "Bus & Minibus Arrival Time":

  • Added 90 minibus routes!
  • Increase the accuracy of the ETA for the nearby Bus & Minibus.

Enhance "MTR arrival time":

  • Support Tuen Ma Line by replacing West Rail Line (Existing widget need to select station again.)

Release date: 28/6/2021

v 2.1.2

Enhance "Bus & Minibus Arrival Time":

  • Widget supports joint operate route (Please go to FAQ to learn more)
  • Support showing traffic condition in map
  • Fixed ETA in circular route
  • Fixed some routes are not searchable
  • Fixed New Lantao Bus display issue

Enhanced "Viral in HK":

  • Support medium size widget
  • Fixed sometimes the app won't open the keywords when clicking keyword sharing

Enhanced "Light Rail Arrival Time":

  • Support group by platform or destination option

Enhanced "HK Holiday countdown"

  • Support Statutory Holidays (Please go to app setting to configure)
  • Added 2022 holidays

Release date: 21/6/2021

v 2.1.1

Enhance bus & minibus arrival time widget:

  • Will look for the next eta for the closest bus stop after you searched a route

在Added Widget display in setting:

  • Allow to choose whether showing seconds in widget
  • Allow to choose whether different bus company shares the same background color
  • Slightly fine-tune the color on bus widget
  • All ETA will follow system 12/24 hour format.

Release date: 14/6/2021

v 2.1.0

Added "Light Rail arrival time" widget

Enhanced "Viral in HK":

  • You may now share keywords to other Datatone user

Enhanced "Bus & Minibus arrival time"

  • Different bus company come with different widget background color
  • Fix some cases that abnormal ETA of circular route
  • Improve stability, avoid app crash issue

Enhance all ETA widget:

  • Added last update timestamp

Release date: 14/6/2021

v 2.0.1

Fixed a bug in "Public Transit"

Release date: 31/5/2021

v 2.0

Bug fix and maintenance.

Release date: 27/5/2021